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What To Look For In A Superb And Reliable PC Support

We’ve all had this happen once in our lives before. Our most reliable tool, the personal computer, breaks up one day without warning. Work files, photos we have saved since birth, and journals we have kept for years are at risk of totally being gone. What do we do when this happens? We call our friendly PC support guy.

What makes for a superb and reliable PC support? First is speed of response. Whether PC support will be rendered as a remote technical assistance, via PC sharing, by phone or through a personal visit at your workstation or home office, response time is crucial especially if your work is deadline-driven. Also, immediate help will ease your anxiety away.

COmputer support personnel should of course be experts, no less. Ever heard of Microsoft Certified Gold Partners? A topnotch PC support company possessing this badge means Microsoft has accredited them as a local partner trusted to render computer support and other services related to Microsoft products. The Gold Partners also have direct access to Microsoft, such that if the problem is something that has never before been experienced, help from the Microsoft office is just a phone call away.
IT support personnel also have to have hardware and software expertise, loads of patience and a lot of common sense. Let me demonstrate why.

A writer woke up to nightmare over her laptop one day. All of a sudden, the laptop had crashed. All the systems had been taken over by what seems to be a monstrosity never before known to PC world. Upon booting the system, letter ppppppppps kept appearing on the screen non-stop, taking over passwords, corrupting system commands, and seemingly crashing even the hard drive. It rendered the laptop completely useless.
While the grief-stricken writer conceived all sorts of virus and ghosts in her head, the smart, out-of-the box thinker IT support personnel first saw to it that it was not a hardware problem. He simply lifted the letter P case on the keyboard, twisted, and restored it to position.
And the pppps were gone.

Imagine the damage if they both convinced themselves that a virus was causing it. They would have ended up deleting all the files, restoring the system, and losing precious hours. Aren’t we all thankful for superb PC support guys?